Wrestle Mania 15
Wrestle Mania

Wrestle Mania 15

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Wrestle Mania 15

Wrestle Mania 15 — WrestleMania is the greatest event of fighting and most popular all around the World the event take place in different cities of United States of America, WrestleMania is a professional wrestling event the first event held in 1985 later on 34 editions has been produced.

Wrestle Mania 15

WrestleMania XV:

The Fifteenth WWE event took place on March 28, 1999 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Wrestle Mania 15


First Union Center.

Wrestle Mania 15


19,514 viewers were presented to watch that event and the event seen by over one million people on different TV sets.


Twelve matches have been fought.

  • In first match Jaqueline won by Ivory.
  • In second match D’Lo Brown and Test defeated Droz and The Godfather.
  • In third match Hardcore Holly defeated AI Snow and Billy Gunn.
  • In fourth match Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart defeated D’Lo Brown and Test.
  • In fifth match Butterbean defeated Bart Gunn.
  • In sixth match Mankind defeated Big Show.
  • In seventh match Road Dogg defeated Golddust.
  • In eighth match Kane defeated Triple H.
  • In ninth match Sable defeated Tori.
  • In tenth match Shane McMahon defeated X-Pac.
  • In eleventh match The Undertaker defeated Big Boss Man.
Wrestle Mania 15


In twelfth and the final match Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Rock. And claimed the title of World Heavy Weight Championship.

Wrestle Mania 15

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