Wrestle Mania 35
Wrestle Mania

WrestleMania 35

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Wrestle Mania 35- WWE’s Big Show

WrestleMania 35 is going to be the thirty-fifth annual event which is produced by WWE for different brands including 205 Live, Raw, and SmackDown. This Wrestle Mania will be held at Metlife Stadium on 7th of April, 2019 in New Jersey. It is going to be live on WWE Network which provides services similar to Netflix. WWE Network serves its viewers through broadcasting live pay-per-views with WrestleMania being its crown jewel. This year, WrestleMania is going to be something big due to the following reasons,

Female Athletes

In 2015, we have seen the WWE fans creating a hashtag for women wrestlers that said #GiveDivasAChance. This hashtag was taken seriously by the company and more focus was generated towards female athletes. Women in WWE are now able to have great matches. This time, we will be watching Charlotte Flair from Raw Women’s Championship against Rousey and Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat match. This match is expected to be the main match of the event.

Batista vs. Triple H

Batista has been the world champion in WWE for six times. He recently turned 50 years old and is going to face Triple H who is one of his on-screen rivals. We will be watching Batista for the last time as he is going to bid his farewell. This match is one of the biggest reasons for excitement. These two wrestlers are considered special performers and WrestleMania is an event of dream matches.


We appreciated the online movement #KofiMania generated by the fans that has pushed Kingston at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship. KofiMania depends on the fans. The historical moments of KofiMania are not for casual fans. However, the devoted watchers and real fans are desperately waiting to witness their wrestle achieving victory at the biggest show of the year. This time, we are super excited for Kingston vs. Bryan and are expecting this match to be the highlight of the scheduled night.

Lesnar vs. Rollins  

We will be enjoying Brock Lesnar from Universal Championship against Seth Rollins, who is the winner of men’s Royal Rumble. Rollins is considered one of the biggest performers for the recently passed years.  Lesnar, on the other hand, is genuinely a fighting machine. There always has been something special for Lesnar’s matches by WWE which makes his match worth-watching.

Kurt Angle’s Farewell Match

We have seen Kurt Angle as a legend in both professional and amateur wrestling with the most decorated career. He is also going to wrestle at WrestleMania. This match will be his retiring match for us, putting an end to his career. His opposing wrestler is still not announced but this match is surely going to be worth watching.

Reign’s Comeback

Roman-Reign is considered the company’s next John Cena-like leading wrestler. We will be watching him wrestling at the WrestleMania for Raw. His opponent is still not revealed but his comeback after recovering real-life struggle is big news for his fans. 

WrestleMania is one of the long night events. Last time it went for five hours excluding the two hours of pre-show. This time there is going to be a night full of big matches.

Wrestle Mania 35 — WrestleMania is the greatest event of fighting and most popular all around the World the event takes place in different cities of United States of America, WrestleMania is a professional wrestling event the first event held in 1985 later on 34 editions has been produced and 35th will be coming soon.

WrestleMania XXXV:

The thirty-fifth WWE event took place on 8 April 2019 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.


MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Match 1:

Bobby lashely Vs Finn Balor

WrestleMania 35

Match 2:

Triple H Vs Batista

WrestleMania 35

Match 3:

John Cena Vs Drew McIntyre

WrestleMania 35

Match 4:

Brock Lesnar Vs Seth rollins

WrestleMania 35

Match 5:

Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch

WrestleMania 35
WrestleMania 35

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